Translations into Icelandic – 19 grants awarded in the first round of two this year

8. May, 2018 News

Among the numerous grant projects are works by authors Yuval Noah Harari, Tara Westover, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, Heather Morris and Benjamin Chaud.

The Icelandic Literature Center has announced the allocation of grants for the translation of literature into Icelandic. This is the first of two allocations that will be made in 2018.  

The total grant amount awarded was a little over 8,2 million Icelandic krona, split between 19 grant allocations. The number of applications was 37, amounting to an amount of 27 million Icelandic krona. The grant projects are of a wide variety and scope – on the list are novels, short stories, poetry, children's´ books and academic texts, and there are contemporary works as well as classic works from all over the world.

The role of the translator of foreign literature into Icelandic is of the greatest importance, as the translator makes it possible for the Icelandic book lovers to enjoy foreign literary works in their own language, thus opening an important window into the world, and into other cultures. Most of the works awarded grants at this time are to be translated by renowned and seasoned translators, many of whom have recieved prizes for their work, and in most instances, the works will be translated from their original language.

Among the works awarded translation grants in this allocation are:

  • Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, translated by Magnea Matthíasdóttir. Publisher: Forlagið
  • Educated by Tara Westover, translated by Halla Kjartansdóttir. Publisher: Benedikt
  • Short Stories From The World III - Asia and Oceania stories by 22 authors, edited by Jón Karl Helgason, Kristín G. Jónsdóttir og Rúnar Helgi Vignisson. Translated by Rúnar Helgi Vignisson, Sigrún Á. Eiríksdóttir, Xinyu Zhang et al. Publisher: Bjartur
  • Trilogia sucia de La Habana by Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, translated by Kristinn R. Ólafsson. Publisher: Bókaútgáfan Sæmundur / Sunnan 4 
  • The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris, translated by Ólöf Pétursdóttir. Publisher: Forlagið
  • Mortal Engines by Peter Reeve, translated by Herdís M. Hübner. Publisher: BF-útgáfa

For this allocation of grants, additional grants earmarked for the translation of richly illustrated, quality works for children and young adults were awarded. Among the works awarded grants under this category are:

  • The Bolds by Julian Clary, illustrated by David Roberts, translated by Jakob F. Ásgeirsson. Publisher: Ugla 
  • Die erstaunlichen Abenteuer der Maulina Schmitt. Mein kaputtes Königreich by Finn-Ole Heinrich, illustrated by Rán Flygenring, translated by Elísa Björg Þorsteinsdóttir. Publisher: Angústúra
  • Neues vom Räuber Hotzenplotz by Otfried Preussler, illustrated by F. J. Tripp, translated by Aðalsteinn Ásberg Sigurðsson. Publisher: DIMMA
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 Otfried_Preussler  Ran-Flygenring  Finn-Ole-Heinrich_1525266822784
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