The largest number of grants for translation of Icelandic literature are into Danish, Macedonian and Czech - 5.14.18

60 grants awarded for translation of Icelandic literature into 29 languages, in the first allocation round of two for this year.

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Translations into Icelandic – 19 grants awarded in the first round of two this year - 5.8.18

Among the numerous grant projects are works by authors Yuval Noah Harari, Tara Westover, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez, Heather Morris and Benjamin Chaud.

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New grants for Children's and Young Adult books, to be launched next year - 5.8.18

It is with great pleasure that we can announce an important milestone towards our goal of providing more books for children and young adults.

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A record number! 96 grants were awarded for translations of Icelandic literary works into 29 foreign languages in 2017 - 5.9.18


The works will be translated into English (15 titles), French (12 titles), Danish (8 titles), German (6 titles), and Macedonian (5) to name a few of the languages.

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