Interviews with Icelandic Authors

Arnaldur Indriðason

Arnaldur - forsíða

“It ought not to be possible to write crime fiction in Iceland because nothing happens here. And it's extremely difficult to convince readers of anything else. This is the challenge you're faced with,” says crime-writer Arnaldur Indriðason.

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Auður A. Ólafsdóttir

Auður - Forsíða

“Beautiful, like a painting out of the golden age,” was a critic's verdict on Auður A. Ólafsdóttir's novel Afleggjarinn (The Offspring), the story of a young man who sets out to restore a dilapidated monastic garden to its former beauty.

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Sjón - Forsíða

"Stories don't go out of date,” Sjón told us over the telephone. Starting out as a prominent advocate of the avant-garde, the ever-busy author never expected he'd write a novel about 17th century Iceland. But here he is. From the Mouth of the Whale is due out in the UK in May 2011.

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Gerður Kristný


According to Gerður Kristný – poet, novelist and children's book author – fear was an early settler in her poetry. “It's stayed there ever since, so I don't think I'll be evicting it by now,” she told us. Also discussed: Uganda, tattoo artists and the new book.

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Vilborg Davíðsdóttir

“The challenge, and no less pleasure, of the work behind my books is, in no small part, unearthing knowledge that helps us understand the mindset of a vanished world,” says Vilborg Davíðsdóttir, novelist and folkloristics scholar, who during the course of her twenty-year career has drawn notice for carefully wrought historical novels.

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