Privacy policy

Security and confidentiality on the website

When you use the Icelandic Literature Center website, information is generated about your visit. The Icelandic Literature Center does not share that information with other parties, with the exception of data which by law must be submitted to monitoring bodies.

The Icelandic Literature Center website does not automatically collect any personally-identifiable data on use or the users of the site.

Use of cookies

Traffic on the site is tracked by Google Analytics using cookies, which are small text files containing information on what pages of the website the user visits. The data on use to which we have access are not personally identifiable.

Two cookies (JSESSIONID and eplicaWebVisitor) are used by the Eplica content management system, and one (PHPSESSID) by the applications management system. These cookies are essential for the functioning of the system, and do not collect any personal data.

Google Analytics involves the use of three cookies which are retained for variable periods: _ga, _gid og _gat.

Grant applications/Submitted data

When a user registers on the Icelandic Literature Center applications website, we request information that is needed in order to be able to contact parties to the application and to disburse grants.

The applicants' data go on to be processed by our staff, who work in accord with the Center's procedural rules on handling of personal data.

The general principle regarding personally-identifiable data received by the Center (e.g. via email or in applications) is that we stress that only members of staff who are involved in the relevant process have access to the data. There is no integration of data submitted to us, and they are never shared with third parties.


When subscribing to the Icelandic Literature Center newsletter, an email address is required. Email addresses are not shared with third parties, and are not used for any other purpose than for sending out the newsletter. The subscription can be cancelled at any time using a link at the bottom of the newsletter.

YouTube videos

Where a link is provided to a YouTube video, no data are passed to YouTube unless the Play button is pressed. After that, the terms of YouTube's own privacy policy apply.

Links to other websites

On the Icelandic Literature Center website, links are sometimes provided to websites of other bodies, organisations and businesses. The Center's rules on user security do not apply to other websites. The Center is not responsible for the content or reliability of such websites. A link to an outside website does not entail that the Center supports or agrees with any of its content.