Nordic Translation Grants

Application deadline is 15 September 2020

Translations from Icelandic into other Nordic languages only.

The Icelandic Literature Center awards grants on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers' to cover translation expenses for works which have been published in Iceland and translated from Icelandic into other Nordic languages.

Application deadlines:  15 February and 15 September. 

The application form is available here as an online application 4 weeks before the next application date.

To be enclosed with the application:  

  • A presentation of the translator´s qualifications and previously translated and published titles.
  • A copy of the contract with the Icelandic right´s holder. 
  • A copy of the contract with the translator. 

How much you may apply for?


  • For a maximum of the translation fee agreed with the translator. Usually, however, grants will cover only a proportion of the translation fee.
  • The translation grant applies to the translator's base fee, not to royalties or a possible share of earnings from audiobooks or e-books.


When a work has been supported by a translation grant from the Nordic Council of Ministers this must be acknowledged on the title page and on the dust jacket or, in the case of paperback editions, on the back cover.

In all of the above instances the logo of the Nordic Council of Ministers must also be displayed. 

The publisher shall send three copies of the translated work to The Icelandic Literature Center. The publisher shall also send one copy of the translated work to the Nordic Council of Ministers Secretariat, Store Strandstræde 18, DK-1255 Copenhagen K, Denmark and another copy to Nordic House, Sturlugötu 5, 101, Reykjavik, Iceland.

The Nordic translation grants are administered by the Danish Arts Foundation in collaboration with the various national literature centres.

Contacts in the Nordic countries:
Denmark: Danish Arts Foundation
Norway: NORLA
Sweden: The Swedish Arts Council
Finland: FILI – Finnish Literature Exchange
Faeroe Islands: FARLIT - Books from the Faroe Islands
Greenland: the Greenlandic Society of Authors
Sami: Sami Artists' Council (Sámi Dáiddárráðði)

Once you have submitted the application

You will be informed of the committee's decision no more than 6 weeks after the deadline. Once all cases from the same deadline have been completed, the result is sent out by email.