NordLit - The Nordic Literature Centers

HopmyndWhat is NordLit?

NordLit is an organisation of the Literature Centers in the Nordic countries. Alongside the Icelandic Literature Center, members are Norla in Norway, Fili in Finland, FarLit in the Faroese Islands,  Statens Kulturråd/Swedish Arts Council in Sweden and Slots-og kulturstyrelsen/The Danish Arts Council in Denmark, Greenland and Sápmi. In January every year, the staff at these Nordic Literature Centers meet and confer and work together in one of the capital cities of the Nordic countries. 

Co-operation across multiple levels

One of the co-operative projects of NordLit is the joint display stand for all the Nordic countries at the London and Bologna book fairs. NordLit also organises various other joint projects, such as a translators‘ conference and the publication of anthologies, such as The Dark Blue Winter Overcoat & Other Stories from the North, ed. by the Icelandic author Sjón and published by Pushkin Press.

Nordic Translation Grants

NordLit also jointly facilitates grants for translating into the Nordic languages, with the Danish Literature Center - Statens Kunstråd ( – acting as administrating agent for Nordic translation grants, on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers. Statens Kunstråd distributes the grant money to the other „affiliates“, who in turn award the grants within their respective countries.


Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen




Faroese Literature (FarLit)




Statens kulturråd


Greenland Writers Association


Samisk Kunstnerråd