Icelandic Literature Center

The role of the Center is to raise awareness of Icelandic literature, both in Iceland and abroad, and to promote its distribution.


We will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair and hope to see you there! - 9/26/18 News

Welcome to the Icelandic stand 5.0 B82, and feel free to book a meeting at


A Fairy Tale Come True - 10/1/18 News

Eric Boury has translated some fifty Icelandic works of literature into French. In this interview, he tells Magnús Guðmundsson how the journey began, about his fascination with the Icelandic language, different works of literature and how he sees the role of the translator.


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Books from Iceland 2018

The Icelandic Literature Center selects annually a list of Icelandic books for promotion at book fairs and literature events abroad. 

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15.1.2019 Travel Grants

Icelandic authors, foreign publishers or organisations arranging events can apply for travel grants for Icelandic authors travelling to promote their works abroad.


15.2.2019 Translation Grants from Icelandic

The fund is open to foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Icelandic.


15.2.2019 Nordic Translations

Translations from Icelandic into other Nordic languages only.


15.2.2019 Sample Translation Grants

Publishers, agents, translators and authors may apply for sample translations grants of Icelandic literature into foreign languages.


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Icelandic Writers

Icelandic writers talk about literature, writing, culture and nature.