Translation Grants from Icelandic

Next application deadline is at 15:00, on September 16, 2024

Application deadlines: 15 February & 15 September.  

The fund is open to foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Icelandic. For translations into Nordic languages see here.

The application form is available 4 weeks before the next application date. APPLY

Who may apply?

The fund is open to foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Icelandic.

Applications for support can only be made after the applicant has acquired the rights to the work and signed a contract with the translator. The Icelandic Literature Center cannot grant support to a translation published before the deadline for which the application is submitted.

Purpose of the program

The aim of the fund is to promote Icelandic literature abroad. Grants are available for literature (prose, poetry and drama), non-fiction of general interest (including essays and biographies), comic books and children's books.

Application deadlines: 15 February and 15 September.  

The application form is available here as an online application 4 weeks before the next application date.

How your application will be evaluated?

In assessing an application weight is laid on the quality of the work in question and on the translator's qualifications. The translator is normally expected to be a professional with at least one translated work published or performed within the same genre as the work for which support is being sought. In the case of non-fiction, the committee's main criterion is that the work must be of general interest. Grants are not awarded for the translation of other types of non-fiction, such as educational textbooks.

How much you may apply for?

  • For a maximum of the translation fee agreed with the translator. Usually, however, grants will cover only a proportion of the translation fee.
  • The translation grant applies to the translator's base fee, not to royalties or a possible share of earnings from audiobooks or e-books.

What the application must contain?

The application form will be available four weeks before application deadline date. We recommend that you read the application form carefully and have all the necessary information and documents/files to hand before completing the application.

The following documents must be attached:

  • The translator's C.V. and previously translated and published titles. The translator has to translate into his/her mother tongue (native language)
  • A copy of the contract with the Icelandic right's holder
  • A copy of the contract with the translator
  • Three (3) pages of sample text (translation) and a copy of the same text in the original language

Attention: The list of grant beneficiaries is public and will be published.


The Icelandic Literature Center must be acknowledged in connection with any publication for which funding has been received.  The Icelandic Literature Center‘s logo must be printed on the Colofon page of the translated work, with the following acknowledgement in your language:

This book has been translated with a financial support from:


Download in black or in gray.

You will be informed of the committee's decision no more than 6 weeks after the deadline. Once all cases from the same deadline have been completed, the result is sent out by email.