Books from Iceland 2024: Selected titles of fiction, non-fiction, children & YA, crime fiction and more...

We look forward to seeing you at London Book Fair March 12-14

8. March, 2024

The Icelandic Literature Center announces the new annual booklet, Books from Iceland 2024, which includes new and exciting Icelandic titles.  


Books from Iceland 2024

Our annual booklet, Books from Iceland 2024, is out in print and on the web. It includes Icelandic titles from last year, selected by the Center's literary advisors; fiction, non-fiction and literature for children and young adults, new Icelandic crime fiction and an overview of Icelandic literary awards and nominations in 2023.

Books from Iceland 2024

Icelandic Literature Center promotes Icelandic literature abroad

The role of the Icelandic Literature Center is to raise awareness and support the publication of Icelandic literature, both in Iceland and abroad, and to enable its distribution through translation and travel grants. Books from Iceland is published for promotion at book fairs in London, Frankfurt, Gothenburg and other literary events abroad. It is a useful tool to introduce new titles to publishers, agents and festivals.

London Book Fair 2024

Icelandic Literature Center will be at London Book Fair 2024 and we look forward to seeing you there! To book a meeting please contact



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27 grants awarded for translations into Icelandic from English, French, Hungarian, German, Spanish and ancient Greek - 6. May, 2024 News

Translations of works by the authors R.F. Kuang, Atef Abu Saif, Nita Prose, Annie Ernaux, Franz Kafka and others.


Grants for the translation of Icelandic works into 21 foreign languages - 16. April, 2024 News

The Icelandic Literature Center recently awarded 55 grants for the translation of Icelandic works into 21 foreign languages; these include new works of fiction, thrillers, poetry, children's books and classics


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