Special allocation by the Icelandic Literature Center in response to the Covid-19 pandemic

10. June, 2020

Culture and arts initiative by the Ministry of Education and Culture, spring 2020.

The Ministry of Education and Culture made an additional allocation of funds to the Icelandic Literature Center, under a parliamentary resolution on a special short-term government investment initiative to counteract the downturn in the economy consequent upon the coronavirus pandemic.

Applications were invited in the field of literature and literary culture, and grants were made which support diverse activities in the field of arts and culture, with the emphasis on creativity and the active participation of artists in national cultural life.

The closing date for applications was 11 May, and the allocation of grants was made public on 29 May.

36 million ISK allocated to 45 projects of many kinds

A total of 257 applications were received from 199 parties; applications were made for a total of 588 million ISK. A total of 36 million ISK was allocated to 45 projects of various kinds, and for all age groups – located all over the country. They include writing of various kinds, publishing, podcasts, literary events, websites, audio books, writing workshops, courses, etc. The proportion of successful applications is 18%. 

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