The Icelandic Literary Prize and The Blood Drop 2023 Awarded at the Presidential Residence

6. February, 2024

Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, Gunnar Helgason/Rán Flygenring, and Haraldur Sigurðsson have been awarded The Icelandic Literary Prize 2023. Eva Björg Ægisdóttir was awarded the Blood Drop, The Icelandic Crime Fiction Awards

The Icelandic Literary Prize are awarded in three categories: fiction, non-fiction and children's- and young-adult books. This is the second time The Blood Drop is awarded simultaneously with the Icelandic Literary Prize.

The Icelandic Literary Prize 2023



Steinunn Sigurðardóttir, Lavaland
Publisher: Mál og menning
Foreign Rights: Reykjavík Literary Agency

Fiery and captivating story about extreme love and secrets, strength and surrender.

Lineik Hjalmsdottir has ridden the waves of the big sea of life and is still standing strong despite painful loss and heavy trauma. But now the moment of truth has arrived. Her happy place in the countryside, the heartland that her parents built and nurtured, is quickly being engulfed by lava flowing from an erupting crater. Within a few days, it will disappear forever. Lineik sets out to meet the torrent that spares nothing – and the past at the same time: the memories, the love, the secrets and the great sorrows.

Steinunn Sigurdardottir has written many exceptional works that have enjoyed well-deserved popularity. Her shrewd view of human nature, cutting sense of humor and sparkling style captivate readers, and a new novel from her is always a sensation.

Children's and Young-Adult Books: 


Gunnar Helgason and Rán Flygenring (illustrations) for:  Do Not Kill!
Publisher: Mál og menning, Forlagið
Foreign Rights: Reykjavík Literary Agency

Finally, Alexander Daniel Hermann Dawidsson is happy with life. He has two new great sisters, Soley and Maney, a huge family that all live together in a new house and a great Easter break with the huge family. However, he doesn't have a best friend, a chance to become Reykjavik football champion or the expectation that anyone will be killed … or that someone already has been!

It's going to be an unforgettable Easter holiday for Alexander and his huge, loud family. They're going to mix together Icelandic, Polish and Thai traditions. But then a new boy starts in the class who can't control his temper. Not at all. But Alexander's ADHD could save the day! Because he notices EVERYTHING and knows that you DO NOT KILL!



Haraldur Sigurðsson for The Illusion of Perfection. Town planning in 20th century Iceland and the Crafting of Modernity
Publisher and Foreign Rights: Sögufélag

This book is a history of town planning and urban society in 20th-century Iceland. The evolution of planning in Reykjavik and smaller towns is set in an international, theoretical, and contemporary perspective. It raises questions about the status and future of city planning, and our increasing reliance on legal regulations to create a good and healthy urban society. It touches on current planning issues and challenges we are facing today at the beginning of the 21st century.

The Blood Drop, Crime Fiction Awards: 


Eva Björg Ægisdóttir for Home before dark
Publisher: Veröld
Foreign Rights: DHH Literary Agency

Marsí, a fourteen year old girl in the 1960s, exchanges letters with a pen pal but writing in the name of her older sister. Finally, they decide to meet but Marsí can‘t make it to their rendezvous. Later that night, covered in blood, her sister‘s coat is discovered – where Marsí and the pen pal were to meet. Ten years later, the disappearance of the sister is still an unsolved mystery, and the pen pal contacts Marsí again.

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