At the Göteborg Book Fair Icelandic authors discuss tradition, modernity, imagination, lyricism, crime fiction, and superheroes …

26. August, 2019 News

Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, Kristín Ómarsdóttir, Ragnar Jónsson, and Sigrún Eldjárn are Iceland's representatives at the Fair in September.

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At the Göteborg Book Fair, which will be held 26-29 September, four Icelandic authors will appear in a diverse programme on the Saturday and the Sunday. Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, Kristín Ómarsdóttir, Ragnar Jónasson, and Sigrún Eldjárn are Iceland's representatives at the Book Fair this year. They will for instance discuss tradition and modernity, imagination and lyricism in language, new crime stories, and the superhero Viktoría.


When the Old Meets the New. Auður Ava in the Main Programme

On the Saturday Auður Ava Ólafsdóttir, recipient of the Nordic Literature Prize, talks with the writers Dörte Hansen from Germany and Elin Olofsson from Sweden about when tradition meets modernity and when the progressive meets the conservative in regard to their latest books. The headline is När gammalt möter nytt and the discussion will be hosted by the dramaturg Anneli Dufva.

Kristín in the Poetry Programme Rum för Poesi

Kristín Ómarsdóttir reads her poetry in the poetry programme Rum för poesi on the Saturday. She is nominated for the Nordic Literature Prize for her book of poetry Spiders in Shop Windows (Kóngulær í sýningargluggum). Many Icelandic writers have appeared in Rum för poesi over the past few years, the programme is run by Per Bergstöm who manages the Swedish publishing house Rámus.

Lyrical Language and the Imagination

On the Saturday Auður Ava and Kristín will also participate in an event that the Swedish translator John Swedenmark hosts in Världskulturmuséet in Göteborg under the headline Att skapa och skaka omvärlden. The topic of discussion will be the imagination and the limitless lyricism of language and the authors will read from their works. The event is held in collaboration with Litteraturhuset in Göteborg, Embassy of Iceland in Stockholm, and Föreningen Norden.

Ragnar in the Crime Fiction Programme Crimetime

Crimetime is a crime fiction programme that is a part of the Gothenburg Book Fair for the second year running and Ragnar Jónsson will represent Iceland there. He will discuss his work with Lotta Olsson under the title Möt Island nya krimstjärna! Ragnar is very popular with Swedish readers, and his book Dimma is on the list of Book of the Year in Sweden and was on the Akademibokhandeln's bestseller list for three weeks last April. Drungi was also published in Swedish translation, published by Modernista.

The Programme for Young Readers and Icelandic Families in Gothenburg

Sigrún Eldjárn appears in the childrens' programme Barnsalongen on the Sunday. She is nominated for the Nordic Children's and Young Adult Literature Prize. Sigrún will discuss her books about Sigurfljóð, which she both writes and illustrates. She will also appear at an event for Icelanders living in Göteborg on the Sunday at 10:30 in Språkcentrum in the centre of Göteborg. The Icelandic culture club run by the Icelandic consul in Göteborg who host the event in collaboration with the Icelandic mother tongue teacher in the city.

Icelandic Books in the Booth

The Icelandic Literature Center manages the programme of the Icelandic authors in collaboration with the Book Fair's administration. The Icelandic booth at the Book Fair is managed in collaboration with Promote Iceland, and that is where books of Icelandic writers are promoted and sold, many in Swedish translation and the book sale is managed by Icelandic Publishers' Association.

The Icelandic booth is number C03:39 and is designed by HAF studio.

The complete programme of the 2019 Göteborg Book Fair can be found here.


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