New & accessible website where you can look for translators

A list of active translators from Icelandic into several languages

10. September, 2019 News

Translators from Icelandic into several foreign languages can be found on the website, together with information about their education, career and selected translations.

Good translators are great ambassadors of Icelandic literature abroad and deserve thanks for their ambitious and selfless work. International translators' seminars held in Reykjavik in the last few years, and hosted by Icelandic Literature Center, are a gesture of that.

To show further appreciation Icelandic Literature Center has launched a new website with a list of active translators of Icelandic literature into several languages.

More translators will be added to the list in the next weeks and months and we hope that the web will become a useful database for everyone searching for a translator. 

Search for a translator by name or language!

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