Apply now: Translation grants, travel grants, sample translation grants and reader's report grants

15. August, 2022

Next application deadline is September 15th.

Translation grants from Icelandic:

The fund is open to foreign publishers wishing to publish a work translated from Icelandic. The aim of the fund is to promote Icelandic literature abroad. Grants are available for literature (prose, poetry and drama), non-fiction of general interest (including essays and biographies), comic books and children's books. Application deadline: 15 September.

Nordic translation grants: 

The Icelandic Literature Center awards grants on behalf of the Nordic Council of Ministers' to cover translation expenses for works which have been published in Iceland and translated from Icelandic into other Nordic languages. Application deadline: 15 September

Sample translation grants:  

Publishers, agents, translators and authors abroad, as well as in Iceland, may apply to the Icelandic Literature Center for sample translations grants of Icelandic literature into foreign languages. Application deadline: 15 September

Reader's report grants:

Publishers and agents from outside Iceland can apply for a reader's report grant to get professional opinion on adult or children's/YA fiction or non-fiction books, published in Iceland in Icelandic, they are considering publishing. Application deadline: 15 September

Travel grants:

Icelandic authors, foreign publishers or organisations arranging events can apply for travel grants for Icelandic authors travelling to promote their works abroad. Application deadline: 15 September


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