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Gunnar Helgason

Barna– og ungmennabækur Children – YA Danish Danska Italian Ítalska Korean Kóreska Macedonian Makedónska

Gunnar Helgason is a popular actor and well known for all kinds of entertaining material for children which has enjoyed great popularity for some years. In the past few years Helgason has published several extremely popular children‘s books, including the five-book series The Great Football Saga and the four-part series about Stella and her family. My Bonkers Mum! won him the Icelandic Literature Prize and the Children's Choice Book Prize has been bestowed upon him six times. In this book, Helgason creates a brand new, exciting literary world in which it is easy to get lost.


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Works in translation

  • Mamma klikk (My Bonkers Mum) 2015

Denmark (Turbine) transl. Nanna Kalkar; Italy (Uovonero); South Korea (WooriSchool); Macedonia (Antolog Books) transl. Natasha Spirova Serafimova; Film rights: Saga Film