Icelandic Authors

A list of Icelandic authors and their books in translations.

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Ólafur Gunnarsson

Ólafur Gunnarsson (b. 1948) is among Iceland's best storytellers. He made his publishing debut in 1978 and has since written novels and poetry and also books for children. With his highly acclaimed trilogy, Trolls' Cathedral (1992), Potter's Field (1996) and Winter Journey (1999), he has earned a place among the major realists in Icelandic letters. Trolls' Cathedral was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize in 1992 as well as the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award in 1996. An adaption for the stage premiered at The National Theatre in 1996. Gunnarsson received the Icelandic Literary Prize for his novel, The Ax and the Earth, in 2004. His children's book The Beautiful Flying Whale, 1989 has been published widely, and was nominated to the Nordic Children's Literature Award in 1990. Olafur has also translated Kerouac's novel On the Road and Dashiel Hammett's The Maltese Falcon.

Works in translation

 Milljón-prósent menn (Million Percent Men) 1978, 2008
Iceland (JPV) transl. David McDuff

Gaga (Gaga) 1984
Canada (Penumbra Press, 1988) transl. David McDuff

Tröllakirkja (Trolls Cathedral) 1992
Czech Republic (Host, 2008) transl. Marta Bartoskova, Egypt (Animar), France/Switzerland/Belgium/Luxembourg/ Canada (Gaia, 2007) transl. Henrý Kiljan Albansson, Germany/Austria/Switzerland (Steidl Verlag / Saga Verlag) transl. Maria-Claudia Tomany, UK (Mare‘s Nest, 1996) transl. David McDuff

Öxin og jörðin (The Ax and the Earth), 2003
France/Switzerland/Belgium/Luxembourg/ Canada (Gaïa, 2010) transl. Henrý Kiljan Albansson, Lithuania (Pasvires Pasaulis, 2005), Iceland (JPV, English transl. Philip Roughton)

Blóðakur (Potter's Field) 1996
UK (Mare‘s Nest, 2000) transl. Jill Burrows

Dimmar rósir (The Dark Rose) 2008
Norway (Bokvennen, 2014) transl. Kristian Breiðfjörð

Meistaraverkið og fleiri sögur (The Thaw and other stories) 2011
USA/UK/ANZ (New American Press, 2014)

Fallegi flughvalurinn (The Beautiful Flying Whale) 1989
Denmark (Carlsen, 1989) transl. Knud Holst, Faroe Islands (Carlsen, 1989) transl. Martin Næs, Finland (Carlsen, 1989) transl. Jatta Valjakka, Norway (Cappelen) transl. Elsa Muribö, Sweden, UK

Short stories
Finland (BTJ Kirjastopalvelu Oy, 2001), Russia (Perevodtjik, 2013)