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Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir

English Enska German Ljóð Poetry Swedish Sænska Þýska

Ásta Fanney Sigurðardóttir is a poet, visual artist and musician based in Reykjavík. She is widely considered one of the country's most innovative poetry performers and has read her work worldwide. Her first collection of poetry, Eilífðarnón (Forevernoon), was published in Iceland in 2019. Ásta studied visual art at the Iceland University of the Arts and graduated in 2012. She was a founding member of the art gallery Kunstchlager which operated in Reykjavík between 2012–2015. Her first chapbook, Herra Hjúkket (Mr Phew) was published in 2012 and in 2017 she was the recipient of the prestigious annual Ljóðstafur Jóns úr Vör poetry prize for a single unpublished poem. She has taken part in a variety of performances blending together music, visual art and poetry, and is a member of the electro-pop trio aiYa. She has been described by The Line of Best Fit as ‘one of Iceland's most prolific artists'.

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Works in translation

  • Eilífðarnón (Forevernoon) Partus 2019

Germany (Elif Verlag, 2022), transl. Jón Thor Gíslason and Wolfgang Schiffer; Sweden (Rámus förlag, 2021) transl. John Swedenmark; UK (Partus, 2021) transl. Vala Thorodds