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Bragi Ólafsson

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Bragi Ólafsson, born in Reykjavik is 1962, is an Icelandic writer of novels, short stories, plays and poetry. His novels are undoubtedly among the most original and remarkable Icelandic stories of recent years and he has also received critical acclaim for his plays, short stories and poetry. His subtle humor and ability to depict the extraordinary in ordinary life, often while painting a tragi-comic picture, make his work thrilling in a most unconventional way. Ólafsson's novel, The Ambassador (available in the US by Open Letter), received the 2006 Icelandic Bookseller's Award and was nominated for the Icelandic Literary Prize (as have other four of his eight novels to date), as well as the Nordic Council Literary Prize in 2008. Open Letter has also published Bragi's novels, The Pets and Narrator. His novel Party Games received the DV Cultural Prize in 2004, and the Icelandic Bookseller's Award. Two of Ólafsson´s plays were hugely successful, and his poetry and short stories have been translated into various languages.

Works in translation

  • Gæludýrin (The Pets), Bjartur 2001

Denmark (Lindhardt & Ringhof), transl. Susanne Torpe; Germany (Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag), transl. Tina Flecken; USA (Open Letter), transl. Janice Balfour; France (Acted sud), transl. Robert Guillemette; Italy (La Linea), transl. Silvia Cosimini; Argentina (Bajo la luna), transl. Fabio Teixidó; Macedonia (Ikona), transl. Hatka Haj∏ob; Egypt (Animar); Turkey (Zeplin), transl. Özde Cakmak

  • Sendiherrann (The Ambassador), Mál og menning 2006

Denmark (Athene), transl. Kim Lembek; Germany (Fischer Verlag), transl. Tina Flecken; USA (Open Letter), transl. Lytton Smith; Macedonia (Ikona), transl. Hatka Haj∏ob; Lithuania (Kitos Knygos), transl. Jurgita Marija Abraityté

  • Sögumaður (Narrator), Mál og menning 2014

USA (Open Letter), transl. Lytton Smith; France (Acted sud), transl. Robert Guillemette