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Eva Björg Ægisdóttir

Crime Fiction Dutch English Enska Franska French Glæpasögur Hebreska Hebrew Hollenska

Eva Björg lives with her husband and their three children in Reykjavík. She was born and raised in Akranes, a small town about half an hour drive from Reykjavík which is the scene for her novel. After finishing a Bachelor's degree in Sociology she moved from Akranes to Trondheim, Norway, where she got her Master's degree in Globalisation. In 2018, Eva was the recipient of the Blackbird Award, a crime-writing prize hosted by prolific Iceland authors Yrsa Sigurðardóttir and Ragnar Jónasson.


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Works in translation


  • Strákar sem meiða (Boys Who Hurt) Veröld 2022
WEL (Orenda Books)

  • Þú sérð mig ekki (You Can't See Me) Veröld 2021
WEL (Orenda Books)

  • Næturskuggar (Night Shadows) Veröld 2020
WEL (Orenda Books)

  • Stelpur sem ljúga (Girls Who Lie) Veröld 2019
WEL (Orenda Books)

  • Marrið í stiganum (The Creak On the Stairs) Veröld 2018

France (Le Martinière Littérature); Israel (Lesa Press); Netherlands (De Fontein); WEL (Orenda Books)