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Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir

Danish Danska English Enska Fiction Franska French German Italian Ítalska Skáldverk Ukrainian Úkraínska Þýska

Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir (b. 1976) has earned herself a place among Iceland's most talented writers. Her work is fresh, original and exciting, with a well-ordered structure and a flawless narrative mode. In her unique way, Guðrún Eva captures human emotion at the breaking point. She has published a number of novels and short stories, which have been translated worldwide. Guðrún Eva was awarded the Icelandic Literary Prize in 2011 for Everything With a Kiss Awakens (Allt með kossi vekur), the DV Cultural Prize in 2006 for Yosoy and in 2014 for Angel Dust (Englarik), and the Icelandic Women's Literature Prize in 2019 for Ástin Texas (Love Texas). 

Works in translation

  • Ástin Texas (Love, Texas) Bjartur 2018

Ukraine (Vydavnyststvo) transl. Vitaliy Kryvonos


  • Englaryk Forlagið 2014

Germany (btb/Random House) transl. Anika Wolff

  • Allt með kossi vekur, Forlagið 2011

Germany (btb/Random House) transl. Anika Wolff; Italy (Scritturapura) transl. Silvia Cosimini


  • Skaparinn (The Creator) Forlagið 2011

Finnish (Athena); France (Autrement) transl. Catherine Eyjólfsson; UK (Portobello Books) transl. Sarah Bowen; Germany (btb/ Random House) transl. Tina Flecken; Italy (Scritturapura) transl. Silvia Cosimini; India (Malayan) (Megha Books) 


  • Á meðan hann horfir á þig ertu María mey 1998

France (Zulma) transl. Catherine Eyjólfsson


  • Yosoy, Forlagið, 2005

Denmark (Art People/People's Press) transl. Nanna Kalkar; Italy (Scritturapura) transl. Silvia Cosimini


  • Albúm 2002

France (Tusitala) transl. Catherine Eyjólfsson