Icelandic Authors

A list of Icelandic authors and their books in translations.

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Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson

Danish Danska Fiction German Hungarian Ljóð Poetry Serbian Serbneska Skáldverk Ungverska Þýska

Jónas Reynir Gunnarsson (b. 1987) studied Creative Writing MA at the University of Iceland. His previous novels, Connecting Flight and Starfish, garnered much attention, the former being nominated for the DV Culture Award. His poetry book Big Oil Tankers received the Tomas Gudmundsson Literature Award and the collection Laundry Day was recipient of the May Star Poetry Prize.

Works in translation


  • Millilending (Connecting Flight), Partus 2017

Denmark (Gyldendal), Transl. Erik-Skyum Nielsen

  • Dauði skógar (Death of a Forest), Forlagid 2020

Hungary (POLAR Egyesület); Serbia (Treći Trg)


  • Poems from Laundry Day

Germany: (die horen) 2021. Transl. Jón Thor Gíslason and Wolfgang Schiffer;

(Fixpoetry) 2020. Transl. Jón Thor Gíslason and Wolfgang Schiffer

  • Poems from Big Oil Tankers and A Village Manual.

Hungary: (észak) 2018. Transl. Kata Veress

  • Four poems from Laundry Day (Þvottadagur).

Germany, Signaturen-Magazin. Transl. Jon Thor Gislason and Wolfgang Schiffer: