Icelandic Authors

A list of Icelandic authors and their books in translations.

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Rán Flygenring

Barna– og ungmennabækur Children – YA Faroese Færeyska Hebreska Hebrew Italian Ítalska Korean Kóreska

Rán Flygenring is an Icelandic/Norwegian creative, working the field of storytelling and illustration. Her name rhymes with brown and is borrowed from the goddess of the sea in Norse mythology. In daily spoken Icelandic it is more commonly used for robbery. Rán graduated with a degree from the Iceland Academy of the Arts in 2009 and has since then worked on a vast variety of projects including picture books and published pieces, live scribing at conferences and weddings, art installations and wall murals. She has received numerous prestigious awards and nominations for her work.

Works in translation

  • Vigdís. Bókin um fyrsta konuforsetann, Angústúra, 2019

Faroe Islands (Bókadeild Føroya Lærarafelags, 2020) transl. Sanna Dahl; Korea (Yellow Brick Books, 2020) transl. Hye Joung Park; Israel (Lesa Press, 2021) transl. Shai Sendik 

  • Fuglar (Birds) Angústúra, 2017

Italy (Quinto Quarto Edizioni, 2021) transl. Silvia Cosimini