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Vilborg Davíðsdóttir

Arabic Arabíska English Enska Fiction German Skáldverk Þýska

Vilborg Davíðsdóttir is a distinguished Icelandic author with background in journalism and ethnology, critically acclaimed for her thorough research of historical sources, crisp and clear language, a flowing writing style and masterly woven plots.

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Works in translation

  • Blóðug jörð (Ocean Road) 2017 

 Film rights: Thorsson


  • Vígroði (Crimson Skies) 2012

Film rights: Thorsson


  • Auður (Audur) 2009

Film rights: Thorsson


  • Hrafninn (The Raven) 2005

Germany/Switzerland/Austria (Random House/btb) transl. Anika Wolff; Film rights: Koggull


  • Galdur (On the Cold Coasts) 2000 

Germany/Switzerland/Austria (Random House/btb) transl. Dirk Gerdes; USA/Philippines/UK/Australia/ New Zealand/South Africa (AmazonCrossing) transl. Alda Sigmundsdottir; Egypt (Animar)