Translators from Icelandic

A list of active translators from Icelandic into several languages, some information about them and their translations.


Roald van Elswijk

Dutch Hollenska

Roald van Elswijk (1974) studied Scandinavian Studies and Early Germanic at the University of Groningen, specialising in Norwegian, Faroese and Icelandic. As auxiliary courses he took philosophy and theology. As a student, Roald taught Icelandic to undergraduate students. His first professional translation was for the Poetry International festival in Rotterdam, one of the most prestigious literary festivals in the world. He has since translated an array of Icelandic poets, including Gerður Kristný, Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir and Vigdís Grímsdóttir.

After having completed his studies, Van Elswijk worked at Groningen on an international research project about ethnolinguistics in the Nordic countries. He has been working as a literary translator since 2005, translating from Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Faroese and Icelandic, and German as well. 

At the moment, Roald van Elswijk works as a lecturer in professional communication and ethics at a university college. He also runs a research agency and translation bureau.

Selected Translations

  • (with Kim Middel, transl./eds.): 2007. Moordliederen. Moderne IJslandse poëzie [Murder Songs. Modern Icelandic poetry]. First Dutch anthology of Icelandic poetry. Groningen, Wilde Aardbeien.
  • (with Kim Middel): 2007. Presenting a literary evening with Sigurbjörg Þrastardóttir and Steinunn Sigurðardóttir. Festival “Stemmen uit IJsland”, Groningen.
  • Elíasson, Gyrðir. 2010. Short story. “Huis met twee verdiepingen” (Hús á tveimur hæðum). In: literary journal “Tirade”.
  • Þrastardóttir, Sigurbjörg. Poems. Festival "Dichters in de Prinsentuin". Groningen, July 2015.
  • Elíasson, Gyrðir. 2016. Short stories. "Een potlood horen vallen" (Að heyra blýant detta) and "Het kurkbos" (Korkskógurinn). In: literary journal "Revisor".